Aesthetic medicine

It is much easier to care about beauty like in the case of health than retain it when it is lost. Young look without wrinkles, smooth, elastic and firm skin is a dream of most people. Women and more and more men look for a different ways to turn back time and stop the ageing process thus meet requirements of a present-day world – to be eternally young.





Bellissima Beauty Studio in the field of aesthetic medicine cooperates with two doctors – specialists in aesthetic medicine.


Lek. med. Robert Świercz Medical licence no 1314674

Robert Świercz has completed the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical Military Academy of Łódź, obtained specialization in internal diseases. He was trained in aesthetic medicine in 2008 in a specialist Training Centre “Dermed” in Łódź, run by a national consultant in the field of Dermatology prof. Andrzej Kaszuba

He is a member of the Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine. He regularly attends trainings and skills improvement courses and congresses of aesthetic medicine in Poland (organized by the Society of Aesthetic Dermatologists and PTME) as well as congresses abroad. Numerous certificates and diplomas confirm his high qualifications, a constant improvement and a deep professional background.



Dr Dominik Ludew has completed medical studies at Medical Faculty in Collegium Medium CM UJ and pharmaceutical studies at Pharmacy Faculty CM UJ with an individual timetable with a very good final result. He completed postgraduate studies at Medical Faculty CM UJ, running some scientific activity and seminars for students of Medical Faculty. Currently he is specializing in dermatology and venereology. He is a member of the Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Ageing Polish Medical Society, a member of the Polish Dermatologic Society. He belongs to the European Society for Dermatological Research. He is a scholar of a prestigious Foundation for Polish Science 2009-2011 and an author of scientific works focused on fat tissues in development of inflammation and pathophysiology of cerebrovascular diseases. He is a specialist in dermatologic diseases and also in treatments in the field of surgical dermatology. A member of many trainings in aesthetic dermatology. He does treatments in aesthetic medicine which give proven effects and are scientifically tested; their use is supported by many-year experience. A patient’s satisfaction, effectiveness and discretion are the most important feature for him in his professional work. Paragliding guest-house, skiing and diving – in private.



Before each treatment we ensure a FREE medical consultation WITH NO OBLIGATION to discuss possible contraindications, expected results and costs of treatment. A patient who after consultation will not decide for a treatment does not bear any costs.

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