Elongation of eyelashes



Elongation of eyelashes with the method 1:1 is a fully safe treatment thanks to which you will forget about everyday make-up and you will throw out all mascaras with relief. Before the treatment make-up is removed and eyes are degreased to stick hair and the effect is long-lasting. Then the second eyelash is stuck to each natural eyelash– adequately longer, darker and curled up in a coquettish way. It is made of a special fibre, silk or it is combed out of a real mink. We do our best to care about high quality of materials we use and that is why our eyelashes do not cause allergy as well as hypoallergenic glue used for sticking. Stuck eyelashes are naturally light that is why you will not feel any discomfort after the treatment and you will be able to enjoy new beautiful eyes just after going out of the Bellissima Beauty Studio.

Natural eyelashes fall out and new ones grow out every 40-30 days. So they need to be completed for some time to keep the treatment effects. Thanks to this your eyelashes will be dark, long and thick 24 hours a day.

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