Massage salon in Bellissima beauty studio invites for massages done by a qualified masseur, named Aneta.

Classic massage (total)

60 minutes, 140 PLN
Using manual techniques, skin and muscles are relaxed and tissues and organs are affected. It has a medicinal and relaxing effect. It is used as one of biological regeneration means.

Classic massage (partial)

30 minutes, 80 PLN

back – spinal column – nape – shoulder girdle – legs – buttocks – loin

Relaxing massage

60 minutes, 140 PLN
Massage which neutralizes muscle and nerve tension. It is done in a calm pace, takes advantages of special manual techniques which sooth tension. It reduces stress, makes people relaxed and loosened up, influences all senses and causes perfect mood.

Medical spine massage

30 minutes, 80 PLN
60 minutes, 140 PLN
The massage eliminates tension in muscles and gives the feeling of physical and psychical relaxation. It effectively reduces back pains. The massage techniques are mixed with classic massage techniques as well as deep tissues massage techniques. A masseur works with much more strength than in the case of other massages.

Sports massage

partial: 30 minutes, 80 PLN
total: 60 minutes, 140 PLN
It derives from the classic medical massage. It is focused on techniques with a stronger influence on massaged tissues. It eliminates symptoms of tension and without loss of energy it quickly increases the ability of the whole organism to work after some physical effort. It is recommended to physically active people – especially to sportsmen.

Reflexotherapeutic massage

60 minutes, 140 PLN
It is performed mainly on the face, hands and feet. It lies in pushing some points so there is a relaxing and energetizing influence on specific internal organs as well as the whole organism. It brings a better state of being, gives stress relief and improves organism functioning.

COMBI massage (classic + reflexotherapeutic)

60 minutes, 140 PLN
Classic massage extended with reflexotherpeutic foot massage. The combination of classic massage and Chinese massage gives perfect results in the case of general loss of condition and organism exhaustion. It has also relaxing properties.

Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian massage

90 minutes, 180 PLN
The massage done with forearms in the rhythm of Hawaiian music. Lomi adds energy, makes people relaxed and allows to forget about everyday problems.

Hot stone massage
60 minutes, 140 PLN
90 minutes, 180 PLN
The massage is performed with special basalt stones which are heated up to 40-60 C. Warm of stones causes deep muscle relaxation and stress relief and brings a correct flow of energy in the body.

Aromatic hot candle massage

60 minutes, 140 PLN
The perfect massage which moistures the whole body. A lubricant is warm candle oil which makes people relaxed, leave the skin velvety and soft. The candle is enriched in natural vegetable oils (shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba).

Aromatherapeutic massage

60 minutes, 140 PLN
The massage combines relaxation massage techniques with essential oils. It is deeply relaxing and anti-stressed. Individually selected mix of oils soothes body and mind.

Herbal stamp massage

60 minutes, 140 PLN
A special blend of medicinal herbs wrapped in a cotton material then heated and applied to the body. The massage removes pain, makes people perfectly relaxed thanks to intensive fragrances. Each stamp is used only once.
Lymphatic drainage

partial: 30 minutes, 80 PLN
total: 60 minutes, 140 PLN

The manual massage is intended to improve lymph flow. Its task is to protect against congestive and inflammatory swelling. The lymphatic drainage is a slow, delicate massage which brings relief to painful legs. It can be performed even several times a day.

Modelling/anti-cellulit massage

60 min – 199 PLN
The massage most of all lies in improving metabolism in the area of massaged tissues and improvement of blood flow and lymph flow and breaking subcutaneous fat tissue. The effect is to reduce swellings which are connected with cellulite, to make the skin flexible and eliminate toxins from tissues. The condition of the skin and subcutaneous tissues as well as muscles is supported and much more improved. The aim of the modelling massage is to help shape the body in the most strategic areas of body for women, that is to affect abdominal layers and wrist, buttocks, thighs, hips and shoulders too. The massage is performed with the use of professional Norel products.

Chinese bubble massage

60 minutes, 140 PLN

The Chinese bubble massage reduces cellulite and improves skin firmness. The extra advantage is the improvement of blood circulation and making metabolism faster and toxins removal from the organism. Series of massages should include 10-15 treatments performed every 2-3 days. This massage is one of the most effective massages against cellulite.

Ayurvedic face massage

30 minutes, 80 PLN

The rejuvenating, reducing muscle tension massage from India.
It is a source of full relax, it also improves energy flow in the body. It combines a delicate classic massage with acupressure.

Bamboo massage

60 minutes, 140 PLN

The original massage performed with bamboo canes of a different size. It drains and models. It perfectly eliminates tensions and strengthens muscles. The bamboo massage effectively influences silhouette modeling, makes skin flexible, reduces cellulite. It stimulates the whole body. It makes people relaxed and improves a state of being and the body gains the feeling of being incredible light.
Massage for pregnant women and postnatal revitalisation

60 min 120-140 PLN

The massage for pregnant women has been popular for many years in countries of Western Europe, the USA, Canada or Australia. It is not only a good form of relax but also a way to prepare the body to the delivery.

Pregnant woman can regularly benefit from massage treatments if only there are no medical contraindications. Generally, the massage is not performed in a first trimester of pregnancy and in the last month.

The massage has its specificity and a technique adapted to this special period. It is carried out in comfortable and safe positions for pregnant women. Safe lubricants (oils, olives, creams) allowed for pregnant women are used to the massage.

Main advantages of the massage during pregnancy
• relaxation
• decrease in muscle tension
• improvement in blood circulation
• prevention of upper and lower limb swellings
• prevention and relief of backaches
• prevention of stretch marks

Postnatal revitalization lies in supporting recovery and in decreasing aesthetic defects resulting from pregnancy and childbirth. The main activity is aimed at improving the state of the skin, and after breast-feeding the massage will help to bring back firmness of the skin of abdominal layers and breast.
The treatment time depends on the fact if the whole body is massaged or only its parts like e.g. neck/nape/back, legs, hands, etc

Time of offered massage treatments refers to total time of client’s stay in the massage studio. Time of the massage can be shortened if the client is late.

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