Silhouette modelling


Silhouette modelling


In our studio body modelling is performed with the use of specialist equipment. Each treatment lasts 1 hour (including time for preparations), which allows to influence on chosen parts of body precisely and intensively, and it gives perfect effects!.


Thanks to a revolutionary technique of lipodermology a dream of all women about losing excessive curves and an “orange peel” effect has come true.


This method is the next generation of Edermologia® treatments which lies in a delicate but longer effect on skin and subcutaneous connective tissue. Thanks to decreasing suction force and extending the treatment time side effects typical of Endermologia® like pain and haematoma have been eliminated which gives perfect effects. The result of such an influence is vascular stimulation, elimination of toxins, stimulating cell renewal by activating venous and lymphatic systems.







A person who takes advantages of a treatment is dressed in a specially designed costume and two electronically steered mechanical rolls work with underpressure shifting in respect to each other.

The treatment is performed every 2 days and after finished series to keep the effect longer it is enough to undergo the treatment once a month. Lipodermology is an absolutely safe and noninvasive method that stimulates only natural processes of the organism.












Lipodermolgy can be used with other treatments which reduce the adipose tissue and cellulite.

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