NOVELTY –Derma Pen-M


Skin lifting, regeneration and rejuvenation of face, neck, cleavage or other parts of the body. Elimination of wrinkles, scars and disolorations.



Derma Pen-M is a modern device that precisely and perpendicularly pricks the skin with pulsating microneedles. Microneedles get in at the depth of 0,25 mm to 2 mm which enables putting active substances inside the dermis.


An individual skin puncture last only a split second so the treatment is painless in practice (but on a client’s request it is possible to use anesthetic before treatment).


The treatment performed with the Derm Pen-M device has a very wide range of effects. It stimulates natural skin regeneration and renewal, rebuild of the collagen and elastin layer, stimulates the melanogenesis process which leads to unification of skin colour and structure.


A small surface of the cartridge and a possibility of regulation of depth of skin perforation allows to work out each treatment area precisely taking into consideration a different depth of punctures. With properly chosen formulations (hyaluronic acid, mezococtails, serum and other active substances) Derma Panem-M therapy is an effective way in the therapy of many skin defects. The exchangeable disposable cartridge guarantees 100% hygiene during each treatment.


Comparison of the microneedle mesotherapy performed with dermaroller and Derma Pen-M





Mature skin – the treatment gives visible skin thickening, improves tension, gives the effect of delicate lifting, shallows tiny wrinkles, decreases pores and due to thickening the epidermis blood vessels are less visible.

Disolorations – solar discolorations are decreased, skin colour of face, neck and cleavage is evened. Scars and stretch marks are decreased and become invisible by regeneration of elastin and collagen layer.

Overgrown scars (after treatments and burns) are softer and flatter. Balding – it is also used in treating balding, especially in people for whom the classic mesotherapy treatment is too painful.

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