Loreal Professionnel in salons of great hairdressers all over the world


Hairstyle Studio offers professional services for Women and Men and free consultations and advice of our hairdressers – stylists. Systematic trainings, including trainings in the Loreal academy realized individually for each employee allowed hairdressers to reach and keep the highest level of professional qualifications, confirmed by many diplomas and certificates. We offer a wide range of care and beauty services for your hair.


We offer


classic dyeing

baleyage and reflections

natural dyeing (tone to tone)

hair decolouring (removing the colour)

ombre colouring

hair bleaching

hair lengthening and thickening

classical and avant-garde cutting according to the latest trends

worldwide fashion

care and regenerating treatments

wedding, occasional hairdos/updos




Hair decolouring – bleaching, removing colour – is a treatment which means removing artificial colours from hair. It is used when we want to change hair colour comletely. Ombre colouring – the latest trend in colouring.


This method lies in gradual hair bleaching (especially hair ends) so that the whole looks natural and fresh. Gentle changes of colours make people younger, look fashionable and stylish.


Hair lengthening, thickening – with a Raccon method. Natural Slavic hair, of the highest quality, 100% hypoallergic.







Loreal Fiberceutic Expert


Botox for hair is a modern method of an intensive filling treatment for very damaged and porous hair, e.g. after chemical treatments or a harmful effect of atmospheric conditions.

Fiberceutic sealing treatment based on revolutionary ingredient IntraCylane – a particle with a multiple effect – strengthening a damaged or weakened layer of the hair. Intra-Cylane goes into the internal structure of hair reaching deep enough to create a flexible and strong construction which makes a fiber stronger and counteracts its further damage.

“Botox” treatment is so strong and it gives so long-lasting effects that it is enough to repeat it twice or three times a month. The treatment gives excellent results.


Price of the treatment with the use of

1 Ampoule – 69 PLN (with hair cutting, washing and modeling)

2 Ampoules – 99 PLN (with hair cutting, washing and modeling)



Kerastase Ciment


Treatment for weakened, dyed and fragile hair. Resistance hair cosmetics have a unique compound of ceramides, natural proteins and active cations called Vita-Cement Complex. This complex goes deeply into the hair and replaces losses of natural intercellular cement. It rebuilds and nourishes hair so it has natural springiness, gloss and discipline. After a short time it regains healthy look, becomes strong, resistant and prone to hairdressing.


Treatmennt price:


89 PLN (with washing and modeling)

89 PLN+29PLN (with washing, cutting and modeling)

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