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Laser IPL iPulse of CYDEN British company


Laser IPL iPulse of CYDEN British company is the latest device for removing unwanted hair. It has a safety and quality certificate as well as ISO 9001. The length of a wave emitted by the laser equals 530-1200 nm, depth of skin penetration is 2-5 mm. So it works only on the surface and does not affect functions of the organism. IPL (intense pulsed light) is a kind of a colour light with a large energy, wide spectrum, different wavelength which can effectively run through the epidermis to the dermis. This light can reach different skin layers and can be absorbed by selected tissues. ILP effectively destroys hair bulbs which causes removal of unwanted hair, ILP can also close damaged blood vessels. It can also dispose cells of abnormal pigmentation and then remove any discolorations. What is more, it can stimulate renewed growth of collagen and change the system of elastic fibres – photorejuvenation. Thanks to this you will see healthier and younger skin. The fact of laser effect on hair follicle is a phenomenon of selective phototermolysis. The laser light is absorbed by structures of a hair follicle which includes melanin, changed into heat which destroys hair elements responsible for its growth, causing hair loss and follicle destruction. As studies have proved this phenomenon is the most effective for hair which is in the phase of active growth (anagen). Other growth periods of hair : cessation (catagen) and rest (telogen) are not sensitive to the laser work. This conditions the need of minimum 3-5 treatments, repeated every 3-4 weeks. Hair weakened by multiple waxing, removed by tweezers or mechanical epilators may require additional IPL treatments for better results.


  1. Epilation – hair removal. We suggest 3-5 treatments to reach a desirable effect.
  2. Discoloration – it removes endocrine and acne discolorations, liver spots, birthmarks, sunburns, freckles (face, hands, cleavage and others).
  3. Vascular changes – it removes dilated capillaries, erythemas, telengiectasias.
  4. Photorejuvenation – it brightens the skin, closes pores, removes pigment spots and wrinkles by intense collagen rebuild.

Rules for preparing to the laser hair removal treatment:


The first treatments is preceded by cosmetological consultation . Do not tear your hair out minimum 6 weeks (face – minimum 4 weeks) before the treatment.


You mustn’t use:

  1. Self tanning cream (stop using 1 week before the treatment)
  2. Medicines causing allergic reactions to sun e.g.: antibiotics – the treatment at least 1 week after finishing taking medicines)
  3. Herbs and formulations containing St. John’s wort, marigold, exfoliating cosmetics and medicines – minimum 1 week before the treatment.
  4. Creams containing retinol, isotretinoin, fruit acids – vitamin C, etc. min. 2 weeks before treatment.



Rules to follow after the laser hair removal treatment and between next treatments:


Treatments should be repeated every 4-6 weeks. Longer breaks between the treatments can cause weaker effect of the treatment. Do not sunbathe. Strictly protect your skin against sun minimum 2 weeks after the treatment.


You mustn’t use: medicines and herbs (St. John’s wort, marigold) causing allergic reactions to sun, exfoliating cosmetics and medicines, minimum up to 2 weeks after the treatment use alantan or bepanthen cream twice or three times a day. Do not tear hair out between treatments.


Each skin reacts individually to the treatment. Erythema or swelling may occur. Redness and tiny scabs or little discolorations usually disappear after few day. In the case of extra hypersensitivity they may remain up to several weeks.


Contraindications to the hair removal treatment:

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Fresh suntan
  3. Cream with retinol and vitamin C (stop using it 2 weeks before the treatment)
  4. Necessity of taking medicines which cause allergy to light (e.g. some antibiotics)
  5. Herbs ( St John’s wort, marigold – stop using them 2 weeks before the treatment)
  6. Waxing and hair removal with twizzers (stop using it 1 month before the treatment)
  7. Very light hair
  8. Tendency to discolorations

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