Needle mesotherapy

Needle mesotherapy

nourishes and regenerates cells on level of dermis





Stop the time and regenerate your skin!


Needle mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid or other formulations.



Needle mesotherapy is a treatment which lies in using the series of small intradermal and subcutaneous injections. Mesotherapy is preformed on the face, neck, cleavage or other parts of the body where, with the help of very thin needle and syringe, suitable formulation based on hyaluronic acid, aminoacids, vitamins and other ingredients are injected. The treatment is performed in local anesthesia. The best and long-lasting effects are obtained after the series of several treatments performed in definite intervals. Mesotherapy has many advantages, putting the formulation directly into the targeted place allows to reach effects which are out of reach for other cosmetics technology. Its application improves, regenerates, nourishes, and what follows, rejuvenates skin condition. Moreover, needle mesotherapy

eliminates tiny wrinkles, moisturizes and evens the skin colour which becomes less flaccid and shiny. Everybody can match the treatment according to their own needs to improve their skin condition, prevent from wrinkles, decrease problems with complexion and prevent hair loss. Additionally, clients are satisfied due to the fact that the

effect of mesotherapy is visible just after the first treatment.




Hyaluronic acid – glycosaminoglycan (type of polysaccharide) is a 100% natural formulation, it is present in all living organisms and has an identical chemical structure like in bacteria, animals and human. After the age of 25 the level of hyaluronic acid in our skin gradually falls and an unnoticeable process of skin aging starts. Completing loss of hyaluronic acid with mesotherapy stops the aging process, causes reduction of wrinkles and mimic lines, skin densifying and regeneration and it moisturizes the skin intensively.






Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid is performed with a formulation of Cura Visc Beauty Line Dutch company which is produced in the USA. It is a formulation containing pure hyaluronic acid. It moisturizes skin deeply making it perfectly smooth and tense. It slows down its ageing process. It is highly purified and biocompatible, sterile and with a large scale of density. It does not cause any allergy. Cura Visc is available in three???? concentrations: 1,8%, 2,0%, 2,4% and 2,5%. in sterile pre-filled syringes of 1 and 1,5 ml ready to be used.





DMAE 3%5 ml Dimethylethanolamine works against symptoms of skin ageing. It neutralizes skin flaccidity, increases its elasticity and firmness on the face and neck but it can also be used on other parts of body. It stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, deeply nourishes and brightens the skin. DMAE ampoule is a perfect protection against damages caused by free radicals.


Organic sillica 5 ml is included in

elastin and collagen. This compound is the most often used in mesotherapy (prevents skin ageing, improves its firmness and elasticity, reduces cellulite and hair loss).

Vitamin C 20% 5 ml (ascorbic acid) – has a strong antioxidant effect (protects against harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation and free radicals, prevents oxidation) and stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin and regenerates the skin. Except antioxidant and revitalizing properties it also seals and strengthens blood vessels. Vitamin C has also a brightening effect, reduces small wrinkles and effectively brings back glow to the skin and improves its elasticity.


Biotin 2 ml – known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, takes part in metabolism of proteins and fats, participates in fatty acids and carbohydrates synthesis. It is significant for correct cell functioning.


Nano gold – is a formulation prepared in nanotechnology revolutionary that includes particles of pure gold. The treatment with nanoparticles of gold gives the effect close to gold threads implanted under the skin which eliminate discolorations, make the skin firm and lift the skin.


Nano silver is one of the newest findings in the fight with any kind of acne. It stabilizes the level of sebum, in most people a significant improvement is noticed after two weeks of using it.


Stretchcare – is a combination of DMAE antioxidaant complex (intensively tensing complex) with vitamins and microelements enriched in hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the DMAE effect the skin is tense and firm and hyaluronic acid moistures it perfectly giving incredible effect of lifting. Vitamin B5 and microelements which are in the StretchCare formulation have a strong tensing effect and at the same time they improve skin colour and quality. Especially it is recommended to remove stretch marks and skin flaccidity and to improve its vitality. It is used for visible flaccidity under eyes, face oval, neck, shoulders, abdomen and inner sides of thighs.


CytoCare 502, 516 and 532 is a specially balanced intensively moisturizing cosmetic formulation which gives a visible effect of look improvement. Specially prepared for different cosmetic needs, CytoCare532 has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid; thanks to this choice CytoCare532 cosmetic treatment is the most effective and adequate to different needs.


Except from mentioned above exemplary formulations used in needle mesotherapy treatment Bellisima Beauty Studio has a wide variety of other formulations of various effects which can satisfy even the most sophisticated needs of our clients. We can present and offer them after free consultation in the studio.


Needle mesotherapy on eyes area Hyaluronic acid is nothing but natural element of the skin which with the lapse of time fades and causes lack of skin firmness. Thanks to the treatment this process is stopped; rejuvenation effect and wrinkles smoothing occur.


Needle mesotherapy of eyes area acts anti-ageing and prevents premature skin flaccidity. It keeps correct elasticity of epidermis and collagen fibers which are responsible for firmness of the skin. This treatment additionally strengthens blood vessels and removes toxic substances from cells. It improves the condition of the connective tissue which influences the skin look, prevents formation of so called crow’s feet, bruises and skin flaccidity under eyes.

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